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Pakistan Post moves 7 steps upwards in World Postal Ranking by UPU. International Ranking of Postal Sector is based on four pillars i.e. Reliability, Reach, Relevance and Resilience. In 2022, Pakistan Post has achieved 55th position out of 162 countries in the Postal Ranking Index issued by Universal Postal Union.

Email - Notice Board

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Welcome to the page helping email account holders on official domain of Pakistan Post i.e. The diagram below is elaborating the shifting / migration of email hosting ISP. You may click Outlook Settings Previous to access your previous email box - old emails. You may click Official Email Link to access the webmail of Pakistan Post. The current webmail settings is one click away at Webmail Settings Current. However, the Outlook Configuration Settings recommended by this office could be found at Outlook Settings Current-POP3.

Password of New Email Box

This office will entertain you in accessing your new email box with new password, if you still has issue of old password and could not get the email having password through Outlook. In this case please furnish an official letter to this office having a table, sample of which is as below.

S. No

Email Account

Contact Person

Cell No


Your Name

---- --- ----


Your Account

---- --- ----

The new password will be SMS on the given cell number as the official email credentials could not be shared with any unauthorized person.


Webmail Settings Current

You may click the link Official Email Link to access your current email box. If you can not access the email and found a page having the text "Your connection is not private" then please clicke Webmail Settings Current for help and furhter proceedings.


Outlook Settings Current-POP3

You can find your outlook POP3 settings on a click OutLookSettingsCurrent_New

Outlook Settings Previous

You may click the link OutlookSettingsPrevious to get the help for the outlook settings/configuration to access your previous email box before 11:48 AM on 02-04-2023(Sunday). You can retrive your new password, working after 11:48 AM on 02-04-2023(Sunday), in an email with the subject "" in your old email box

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