• Completion of Data Darbar Copmlex, Lahore.

Date of Issue (May 31, 1999)

Data Darbr Complex, Lahore.

Accomplished Sufi master and revered intellectual Syed Ali bin Usman al- Hajvery (Hazrat Data Gang Bakhsh) settled in Lahore during 11th century. He propagated the religious, spiritual, moral and educational dimensions of Islam in South Asia. The shrine of Data Sahib is visited round the clock by the devotees from all over the country. The government embarked upon an ambitious two phase expansion plan of the shrine in 1978. The second phase began in 1997 under the direction of the prime minister is complete. The mosque is now spread over a total of 3,68,150 sq. ft. and is the third largest mosque in Pakistan. It could accommodate upto 52,600 devotees.

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