SOS Children's Villages of Pakistan


  Date of Issue (November 20, 2005)    



SOS Children's Villages of Pakistan is a private social welfare Organization dedicated to provide homes for orphans and abandoned children.

The special features of SOS Children Villages is that they are not traditional orphanages; they provide children with a warm, family type environment, in the village ever effort is made to enrich children with strong moral values, sound education and skills that will enable them to become productive and dependable citizens.

The primary need of children deprived of their natural parents is to be placed in a situation which is as close as possible to a natural home. SOS Children's Villages meet this need by providing them with security and care. They are enabled to live normal lives and instilled with a sense of confidence so that they can develop their full potential.

SOS Children's Villages of Pakistan is affiliated with SOS Kinderdorf International, which is the umbrella Organization, with its head office in Innsbruck, Austria, is one 132 member associations in different countries, many of them being in Asia, Africa and South Africa. SOS Kinderdorf is the largest child welfare organization in the world and has so far established over 1500 projects, with the number steadily increasing.

SOS Children's Villages of Pakistan is financed through the support of private individuals, philanthropists, foundations and the corporate sector. Land for all projects has been donated by the respective provincial governments but financing, both for the construction of new projects and maintenance of the children, is through sponsorship and donations from the public.

All SOS projects in Pakistan are being funded through its own initiatives, both for the establishment of new projects and running costs. The majority of SOS projects and running costs. The majority of SOS projects are in the developing world and of these, Pakistan is the only country, which is self-financing.

Fund raising is an essential part of our work and we seek the support of individuals and the corporate sector for the construction of projects and sponsorship of the children. To continue to expand and reach out to deserving children in all parts of the country, we urgently need contributions from more donors.

SOS Children's Villages of Pakistan was founded in 1975. the first projects be opened was the SOS Children's Villages in Lahore and since then another projects have been established.

Like SOS Children's Villages, SOS Children's Home Quetta, SOS Youth Homes, SOS Hermann Gmeiner Schools, SOS Vocational Centres, SOS Rural Support Programmme, SOS Afghan Relief Programme and SOS Medical Centre Peshawar.

An SOS Children's Village has been constructed in Muzaffarabad. A village is also under construction in Sialkot and will be completed bt his year. In the next phase SOS is planning construction of projects in Peshawar, Hyderabad, Quetta, and Islamabad.

The SOS is determined to continue to establish institutions of a high standard.

The ultimate proof of success of SOS is the assimilation of our children into the mainstream. So far over several hundred children have well-settled in life. They are working in diverse fields such as banking, computer teaching, armed forces, and private enterprise. The girls are also encouraged to train for careers and their marriages are also arranged by us. To-date 98 girls have been married and are happily settled.

The SOS can be helped by the following ways:
» Donate a family house; Rs. 1,200,000/-
» Complete sponsorship of a family of 10; RS 20,000 p.m
» Complete sponsorship of a child; RS 2,000 p.m
» Partial sponsorship of a family of 10; RS 2,000 p.m
» Make an educational endowment; RS 250/- p.m
» Become a life Member of; RS 2,000/-
» Friends of SOS (Once only)
» Make a donation, large or small RS Any amount.




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