2005 International Year of Sport and Physical Education


  Date of Issue (November 05, 2005)    



The UN General Assembly considering the role of sport as means to prompt health, education, development and peace adopted a resolution entitled "sport for peace and development" and "International year of sport and physical education" and decided to proclaim 2005 as the international year of Sport and Physical education.

2. Noting that sport and physical education in many countries face increasing marginalization within education systems even though they are a major tool not only for health and physical development but also for acquiring values necessary for social cohesion and intercultural dialogue and acknowledging with concern the dangers faced by sportsmen and sportswomen in particular young athletes, the General Assembly, invited the Government, the United Nations, its funds and programmes the specialized agencies, and sport-related institutions to promote the role of "Sport and physical education for all" when furthering their development programmes and policies.

3. The General Assembly has invited the Governments and sports bodies to assist the developing countries, in particular the least developed countries and small island developing states, in their capacity - building efforts in sport and physical education.

4. The General Assembly also encourages the Government and United Nation system to seek new and innovative ways to use sport for communication and social mobilization, particularly at national, regional and local levels, engaging society through active participation and ensuring that target audiences are reached.




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