The Eve of International Day for Disabled    


  Date of Issue (December 03, 2003)    



The field of Disability refers to an organized system of services to be provided by specially qualified professionals to all children, youth and adults who need special attention, special equipment and materials, special physical facilities and specially organized conditions and environment at the earliest possible time after the identification of its need. The purpose is to assist those individuals who need special attention in attaining their full potential, so that they are able to perform according to their capabilities and become to the best possible extent functional individuals of society. Specialized services may be provided for as long as are necessary, which may be for a short time, for a prolonged period, or for the rest of the lives of certain individuals.

2. As against the W. H.O. estimates of 10% of the population is involved in one form of the disability or the other, the National Census Report of 1998 indicates a low estimate of 2.49% of the total population based on the reported cases of persons with disabilities, who require immediate attention and support.

3. During the recent years, International movements for empowerment of persons with disabilities have emerged rapidly through international conventions and agreements. This has made the Government of Pakistan a partner in the global movement for betterment of this segment of society.

4. The provision of a comprehensive range of facilities for persons with disabilities from pre-natal care through education, vocational training, employment and support during adult life cannot be matter for a single government department or agency. Active cooperation: of a large number of relevant organizations at Federal, Provincial, Local and NG0s level, along with involvement of the family, professionals and communities at large, have, therefore, to play their active role in the provision and growth of services of real quality for this segment of society.




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