Abul Asar Hafeez Jalandhri

Date of Issue (January 14, 2001)

Abul Asar Hafeez Jalandhri, writer, poet and above all composer of the National Anthem of Pakistan was born in Jalandher on 14th January 1900. His early education includes the privilege of learning from the great Persian Poet Maulana Ghulam Qadir Bilgrarni.

As an active worker of Pakistan Movement, he propagated the cause of Pakistan through his writings. In 1948, he joined the fighting forces for the freedom of Kashmir and got wounded. This was then that he wrote the Kashmiri Anthem 'Watan Hamara Azad Kashmir'. He also wrote patriotic songs during 1965 war.

He held the position of Director General of morals in Pakistan Armed Forces, Chief Adviser to the President, Field Martial Muhammad Ayub Khan and Director of Writer's Guild.

His literary achievements earned him the editorship of some of the very important periodicals and magazines of his time like Phool, Pak Sarzameen, Hazar Dastan and Makhzan. He also wrote columns for several loading newspapers of Pakistan. His poetical works include the most famous 'Shahnama Islam" (4 Volumes) and children's songs (7 Volumes). His collection of short stories was published under the title of "Haft Paikar' and his best publication "Chayty Nama" was written just before his death which took place on 21st December 1982. For his literary and patriotic services he received the most coveted awards of Hilai-e-lmtiaz and the Pride of Performance awarded to him by the President of Pakistan.

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